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11 Tips For Raising Children

Raising a child is not easy.

As parents, we often think about what we want for our children, but we rarely worry about what kids want.

We assume we know more than they do and our decisions are always better.

But if we listen closely to what they want, we will find that sometimes things kids want really is something we should do.

Here are 11 child raising tips from kids.

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11 Things Kids Want From Parents

1. Showing is better than telling in parenting
I learn by watching you. Become a role model for me.

2. Love me
Give me hugs and kisses. You can’t spoil me with those.

3. Kind and firm discipline
My brain is still developing and so I’m slow in learning. But I do want to learn if you patiently and kindly teach me.

4. Be my safe haven
Always be here for me no matter what.

5. Talk with me
Don’t just talk at me.

6. Hear me
Sometimes I just want to be heard without judgment or lecture.

7. Accept who I am
Don’t constantly compare me to other kids.

8. Let me play outside a lot.

9. Give me food that is nutritious and yummy.

10. Trust me
Let me make my own decisions on non-safety or health-related things. I couldn’t learn to walk without falling. I can’t learn to make good decisions without making bad ones.

11. Encourage me
Your praise means so much to me.