What Is Respect? Definition for Kids and 6 Highly Effective Ways To Teach

Respect Is Admiring Or Looking Up To Someone Because That Person Has Done Something Extraordinary Or Possesses Impressive Abilities. It Is Also An Act Of Giving Attention Or Showing Care.

How To Teach Kids Respect

Here are 6 things you can do to get kids to listen to and respect parents.

To teach respect, first, we must stay calm and in control. Identify if this is a real “disrespect” situation, a misunderstanding, a toddler tantrum, or simply because the child hasn’t learned the proper response in such a situation.

Stay Calm And Don’t Overreact When You Think Your Child Is Being Disrespectful

When genuinely disrespected, we must pay attention to the circumstance instead of going off on the child, “You are being disrespectful!”

Identify The Cause For Disrespect And Focus On Teaching Problem-Solving Alternatives

Show them how to respect by respecting them. I don’t mean calling them sir or madam or bowing to them. Just treat your child as a person like you treat other grownups.

Model How To Be Respectful By Respecting Your Kids First

Studies have shown that positive discipline is a lot more effective and longer-lasting than punitive strategies.

Use Kind And Firm Discipline To Teach, Not Punish

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