7 Simple Steps to Dealing with Two Year Old’s Temper Tantrums

What Is A 2 Year Old Tantrum

A temper tantrum is an intense storm of emotions, such as anger, loss, disappointment, and deep frustration.

In toddlers around age 2, this emotional outbreak can lead to crying, thrashing, screaming fits, stomping, hitting the parents, falling, kicking, biting, throwing things, banging the head, or breath-holding spells.

To deal with two year old tantrums, here are 7 steps according to science:

How To Deal With 2 Year Old Tantrums – 7 Proven Steps

For example, if a child doesn’t want dinner, instead of forcing her to eat, which will bring on more emotions, the parent can ask her to choose to eat the meat or the vegetable first.

Use Simple Choices Or Distractions To Avoid Toddler Tantrums

Once the tantrum has started, a toddler is flooded with emotions. The emotional brain has taken control, and you cannot reach her thinking brain and verbal functions.

Do Not Reason Because They Cannot Hear

Parents can help restore the hormonal balance inside a child’s body by holding or hugging him.  Holding or hugging can activate his body’s calming system and trigger another feel-good chemical (oxytocin) that can regulate his emotions.

Restore Emotional Balance And Learn To Self-Regulate

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