7 Signs of Emotionally Immature Parents and How Adult Children Heal

What Is An Emotionally Immature Parent

Emotionally immature parents cannot deal with their emotions in a healthy way.

4 Types Of Emotionally Immature Parents

According to clinical psychologist Lindsay Gibson, there are four types of emotionally immature parents.

•  Emotional Parents •  Driven Parents •  Passive Parents •  Rejecting Parents

Emotional parents are driven by their feelings. They are fragile and tend to overreact to situations. They get upset easily, and when they do, the entire family scrambles to soothe them.

Emotional Parents

A driven parent may seem very normal. On the surface, they are involved and invested in their children’s lives. Despite their heavy involvement in their children’s lives, emotionally driven parents lack empathy for their children.

Driven Parents

Signs That Your Parent Is Emotionally Immature

Here are some signs of emotionally immature parents.

1.  They Put Themselves First 2.  They Are Rigid And      Always Right 3.  They Are Sensitive And       Reactive 4.  They Fear Emotions 5.   They Are Either Too       Controlling Or Don’t Care       At All

Young children are self-centered. They feel and act like they are the center of the universe. Their primary concern is themselves, and they instinctively do what feels good.

They Put Themselves First

Like children, immature parents are rigid, single-minded, and have simplistic views of the world. They can’t change their minds once they have formed an opinion.

They Are Rigid And Always Right

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