How to Motivate a Teenager Who Doesn’t Care Or Refuses To Do Anything

Why Is My Child Unmotivated

Science tells us that a lack of motivation has something to do with the insufficient impact of neurotransmitters called dopamine.

My Son (Or Daughter) Is Not Motivated To Do Anything

If your child is not motivated to do anything, here’s the first step: Find out if they are really not interested in anything, or if they are just not interested in things you want them to be interested in.

No Motivation To Do Anything Or Just Something

Teenager who refuses to do anything or doesn’t want to do anything may suffer from anhedonia.  Anhedonia, the lack of interest or pleasure in response to pleasant experiences, is a symptom of depression.

Observe Your  Child’s Mental State

Find out if drug addiction plays a role in your child’s lack of motivation. Also, find out if they are dealing with issues such as abuse or violence that you are not aware of.

Pay Attention To Your Child’s Behavior

If you notice your child has a problem focusing, check with a psychiatrist or your child’s physician. Lack of concentration can also be a symptom of depression. You can ask your child’s teacher to screen for any learning disorders.

Check Your Child’s Ability To Concentrate

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