7 Keys To Successful Single Parenting

Single parenting arises when a mother or father takes on the sole responsibility of a child’s upbringing.  Single parenthood can result from divorce, the loss of a spouse, or having a child out of wedlock.

Single parents often encounter more difficulties because they receive less support from the other parent.  However, the good news is that seven strategies can help single-parent homes raise children with positive outcomes.

According to a 1993 study conducted with 26 single-parent families, the following strategies can be used by single parents to raise successful children.

How To Raise Successful Kids As A Single Parent

Single parents in the study accepted the realities of single parenthood, such as less time for themselves and financial concerns.  Despite these constraints, they maintained a positive attitude.

Accept The Role  And Challenges

One of the most important things was that these parents made a conscious decision to prioritize a positive relationship with their children.  Parents prioritize emotional support, daily routine, and quality time together before their own needs.

Prioritize The Child

Instead of imposing strict rules, these parents encouraged good behavior through a democratic parenting style.  This approach was particularly effective in fostering child development and mental health, earning the respect and trust of their children.

Use Consistent, Non-Punitive Discipline

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