50+ Things Moms Say That Stick With Us

From our wobbly first steps to those big life hurdles we’ve jumped, one voice has always been there: our loving mom. Whether she’s cracking a joke, laying down the law, or showering us with love, her words seem to stick around.

These sayings are a family heirloom passed down through the ages. Let’s stroll down memory lane of the unforgettable things moms say that has carved a special place in our hearts.

Research shows that these sayings connect us to our cultural roots, giving us a sense of identity and belonging.

Words Of Wisdom

•  “Treat others how you     want to be treated.” •  “Two wrongs don’t make     a right.”

These humorous quips, often used to diffuse tense situations or to drive home a point, showcase the lighter side of motherhood.

Humorous Mom

•  “I’ve got eyes in the back of        my head.” •   “I don’t care who started it;          I’m ending it!” •   “Laundry today or naked       tomorrow – your choice!”

Our mothers have always been our first line of defense regarding health. Studies indicate that these sayings encourage us to take on healthy habits.

Health And Well-Being

•  “Eat your vegetables;      they’re good for you.” •  “Sleep now, or you’ll be      grumpy in the morning.” •  “Drink your milk; it’ll      make your bones strong.”


These words capture the essence of a mom’s unwavering, unconditional love as the foundation for her child’s emotional and social growth.

•   “I’ll always be here for you, no          matter what.” •   “You’ll always be my baby.” •    “Remember, home is where the         heart is.”

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