What I learned about toddler tantrums

I remember when I first found out I was pregnant, I romanticized parenthood and toddlerhood

I was going to be a patient and loving mother

who would do anything to raise my perfect child

You're probably laughing at me, right?!

Well, that dream burst when my daughter turned ONE

She started having epic tantrums

The first time I lost it and yelled during her tantrum

I felt SO BAD

but nothing worked

I tried everything the parenting experts told me to hoping to stop her tantrums

But I was determined to figure this out

I was at my wits end

So I started studying the science of toddler tantrums

Neuroscience is not easy

But it's not hard once you learn the mechanism involved in tantrums

Traditional parenting practices don't work because they focus on behavior on the outside

But neglect what's causing the behavior on the inside!

Emotional Regulation in Children

How to Calm Toddler Tantrums

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